The Enchanted Classroom

Original title: Začarovaná třída
Publisher: JaS, Prague, (4th Edition), 2012
ISBN: 978-80-904936-4-3
65 pages
Age: 6+, Children's Literature


  • The Golden Ribbon for best children's literature
  • Selected for the IBBY 2004 Honour List

Rights sold:

French, Romani, Slovene, Slovak, Serbian, German

A funny book that combats prejudice against minorities.

At first Class 3A is a completely ordinary class. One day, however, the door opens and new students come in. They are three brothers from a Roma family, who have slightly dark skin and bear strange names.

A few weeks ago, they moved to the city, their parents being wizards in a circus that moves from place to place. So the three brothers always have to go to school somewhere different. Now they are new in 3A, which immediately turns into a class where strange things start to happen.

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