A Boy and His Dog

Original title: Kluk a pes
Publisher: Albatros, Prague, 2011
ISBN: 978-80-00-04530-6
Illustrations: Eva Švrčková
56 pages
Age: 6+, Children's Literature

Rights sold:

Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Slovenian

A tender look at a sensitive topic: disability.

The story focuses on the school year of second-grader Julian, who uses a wheelchair, and his dog Caesar, who is being trained as a service dog. The boy accepts his handicap, and while the wheelchair helps him overcome his physical disability, it is also naturally incorporated into the children’s games. Caesar the dog is treated like a member of the family, and becomes a crucial component of the boy’s journey to independence.

The author treats the sensitive topic of disability without sentiment and even with a liberating sense of humor. A great deal of the fun comes from remarks by Caesar, who views everyday life from a dog’s perspective and with a disarming levity. Readers will also learn details about the lives and trainining of service dog.

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