Smarties for Grandad Ed

Original title: Lentilka pro dědu Edu
Publisher: Albatros, Prague, 2006
ISBN: 978-80-00-03026-5
Illustrations: Eva Mastníková
96 pages
Age: 6+, Children's Literature


  • Librarians' Prize

Rights sold:

Slovak, Polish, Slovenian

A story about Alzheimer’s disease. The author approaches this challenging topic sensitively and humorously in a way that children will easily understand.

The beloved great-grandfather has started forgetting more and more, and he is doing some funny things. But what five-year-old Honzík considers funny are actually very real signs of an illness. Alzheimer’s, the disease the whole family learns to live with, somewhat paradoxically brings Honzík and his great-grandfather closer together, since in a certain way they are in similar positions. The little boy becomes a great source of support in the everyday situations which are becoming much more difficult for his great-grandfather.

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