Original title: Škvíry
Publisher: Argo, Praha, 2014
ISBN: 978-80-257-0678-7
Illustrations: Tereza Ščerbová
98 pages
Age: 9+, Children's Literature


  • Golden Ribbon for best children's literature

A magic realist tale. The author cleverly intertwines a modern day story with imagination, bringing in such motifs as time travel and parallel worlds.

Crevices, nooks and crannies: all of a sudden, they start appearing everywhere – in the walls and ceilings, underneath the stairs, on the ground. People take notice of them, but only little Matilda plucks up the courage to crawl into one of them. And then another one. And then a secret passage underneath the church…

Little Matilda has no idea where her mommy has gone. She misses her so much! Living with her workaholic father, a film director, she has to shop, cook, clean and do the laundry, all by herself. Dealing with her father’s constant moods, she feels very lonely. Dad is very busy and hardly ever has time for her. He’s even late to her piano recital, but Matilda can never stay mad at him very long. She is fascinated by his work and the world of filmmaking. One day, looking for a neighbor’s lost ferret, Matilda notices a strange crevice underneath the stairs. She crawls in and finds an entrance to another world, full of animal pictures and soft music: a world much friendlier and kinder than her own, where she can have anything she’s ever wanted. In the end, she even finds her long-lost mother, and learns why she’s had to grow up without her.

Marka Míková tells the story with her usual aplomb, full of original ideas, humor and imagination. Her language is playful, improvised, rhythmical, and dynamic.
Organizers of the Golden Ribbon Award
Crevices is indeed an extraordinary book.
Mik Herman, čítá

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