Roches and Jinks

Original title: Roches a Bžunda
Publisher: Baobab, Tabor, 2018
ISBN: 978-80-7515-087-5
Illustrations: Juraj Horváth
60 pages
Age: 9+, Children's Literature
Crossover Literature

A touching, crazy love story between two playful creatures living in an ordinary city. The book is written in a rich, joyful language, the text is full of unexpected ups and downs and comic strip-like suspense.

Roches and Jinks are funny shaggy-haired characters looking like a cross between lovable scamps playing hooky and layabouts frequenting a dirty railway station snack-bar. Roches, a tall, skinny guy, and Jinks, a small, plump girl, are definitely not your typical good guy types.

Before they meet, Jinks just sits on a sidewalk, counting cars passing by and feeling a bit bored. After she saves Roches from being run over by a speeding car, the two become chums. And a series of unusual, funny adventures of Roches and Jinks, begins. With them the ordinary city becomes a lovable place where the two heroes meet strange creatures, maybe animals, maybe people, maybe something else. Who knows… But they are all friends with Roches and Jinks and their shared wild imagination leads them to wonderful exploits.

So our heroes don’t feel like lonely outsiders in a dull, boring city. On the contrary, it has become an exciting place which they love. But first of all, Roches and Jinks love each other with a tender love, so strong that nothing can break it.

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