The She-Leopard

Original title: Levhartice
Publisher: Mladá fronta, Praha, 2013
ISBN: 978-80-204-3038-0
237 pages
Modern Fiction

A forty-something woman plunges into erotic adventures, while falling in love with another culture

The heroine of this novel is a Czech woman in her forties, suffering a deep personal crisis. Instead of staying in her homeland and succumbing to her depression, she decides to try and start again. When the reader meets her, she lives in London where she has chosen the best therapy for her wounded soul: sex, lots of it. While she experiments with all kinds of partners, nearly all of them seem to have one thing in common: they are black. The heroine, Milla, falls in love not just with her black men but with the black culture as well, often liking it and clinging to it more than black people themselves. Eventually, she finds her new home in an African expat family as a second wife to one of her lovers.

The horizontal tourism of The She-Leopard is better than all Shades of Gray.
Klára Kubíčková, idnes
Finally, the author wrote a book, which is not about pornography or eroticism, but about individuation—self-seeking and seeking one’s own place in the world.
Radim Kopáč, literary critic

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