A Novel about Love with Elements of Investigative Reportage

Original title: Třísky. Román o lásce s prvky investigativní reportáže
Publisher: Mladá fronta, Prague, 2018
ISBN: 978-80-204-4489-9
351 pages
Modern Fiction

A true story about troubles of love in global times: two lovers, a European woman and a Pakistani man, are struggling with the overwhelming power of state authorities to prevent them from living together.

A young woman from a small town in the Sudetenland is paraplegic after a car accident. Although she is bound to a wheelchair and her marriage collapses, she decides to enjoy her life to the fullest. Despite her disability she wins the right to educate her son as a single mother. She also succeeds in finding a job and enjoys some erotic relationships. A strong woman.

Her story takes place in a time of political change in Europe. In the 1990s, after the fall of communism, the Internet is developing at breakneck speed. This allows a relationship to develop between the disabled woman and a Pakistani man. The two of them get to know each other through a video game, start chatting, later they skype together for hours and fall in love. But he, Tabish, despite repeated attempts is not granted a visa to visit Šárka, his love, in her home country. So the lovers meet later in Sri Lanka and marry there. Although they are now spouses, they are not allowed to live together in the Czech Republic the authorities assume a sham marriage and consistently prevent Šárka‚s husband entering the country. For years.

The author has been inspired by this true love story: she visited the woman, whose name in the novel is Šárka, she also skyped several times with her Pakistani husband, whose name in the novel is Tabish. Iva Pekárková worked through the official files of this case and after all these investigations she has written an authentic, global love story waiting for its happy end.


Born in Prague and blessed with a wealth of experience, the author addresses topics of our time vigorously, above all the unchecked impact of globalization.
Dimo Riess, Leipziger Volkszeitung

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