Jungle, Tigers, Hoarfrost

My Malaysia

Original title: Džungle, tygři, jinovatka. Moje Malajsie
Publisher: Millenium Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-80-86201-80-1
239 pages

Experience Malaysia up close with a female globetrotter. Share her exploration deep beneath the surface of this Southeast Asian country. Enjoy an entertaining, unique piece of travel literature.

Have you ever been to Malaysia? If this country in Southeast Asia appeals to you, let yourself be transported there by a famous Czech author: Iva Pekárková, a globetrotter, travels across Malaysia on her ownalong the west coast from south to north and eastwards to Borneo. Her aim is to seek the genuine country hidden beneath the pleasing, artificial surface. Iva Pekarkova offers us the frank gaze of a clever observer, penetrating deep below the surface. It delights the reader with an authentic, profound and deeply human regional study, on top of which it’s a very amusing read.

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