The Null-Horned Rhino

Original title: Nulorožec
Publisher: Druhé město, Brno, 2018
ISBN: 978-80-7227-411-6
220 pages
Crime Fiction, Modern Fiction

Rights sold:

Polish, Macedonian

Bizarre scenes incandesce across every page. A sumptuous stylistic, linguistic and narrative feast. Funny, off-kilter and very entertaining.

Inspector Libor Lavabo has to solve an unusual case: twelve she-rhinos from the Prague farm  „Rhinnocent“ are dead. The animals died by fire, only small heaps of ashes are left over.

The owner of „Rhinnocent“ wanted to put a stop to rhino poaching in Africa. That’s why he set up
a farm in Prague, with the aim of producing rhinoceros powder in an animal-friendly way. A model of success that thwarted African poachers in their business. Now the farm is ruined.
Inspector Lavabo sets out to find a chemical that causes internal combustion within a body. He is successful. However, the investigation gradually expands to encompass Goethe’s secret diary, the battle between the secret societies of Neptunia and Plutonia for control of the world and a convoluted deciphering of a series of paintings.

Part detective story, part conspiracy novel, and above all a fun, tongue-in-cheek and witty stylistic feast.

The Null-Horned Rhino might be a single-horned animal that has lost its horn to poachers. But it is also the nullity in our thinking, which in these confused times is unable to rely on the certainties of yesterday, never mind hope for the future. The author doesn’t solve this problem for us. Why should he? But he relishes showing us where our shoes pinch.


Stančík just wants to have fun and entertain.

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