H2O and the Secret Water Mission

Series Part one
Original title: H2O a tajná vodní mise
Publisher: Abramis, Prague, 2017
ISBN: 978-80-87618-01-1
Illustrations: Galina Miklínová
79 pages
Age: 9+, Children's Literature


  • Golden Ribbon for best children's literature

Rights sold:

Spanish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, German

This bestselling prize winner, which is a great fun to read, is about the preciousness of water. The book is the first, completely self-contained, part of a series, which relates the fantastic tap-water based adventures of three fearless friends. A fast, funny adventure taking place in the watermains of an imaginary city.

H2O is not only the chemical formula of water, it is also the name of a secret club founded by three schoolchildren: Hugo, Hubert and Ophelia—two H and one O.
But what about their secret? Hubert is a born inventor and he accidentally succeeds in constructing a miniaturizer from his mom’s old hairdryer.
So the three friends can shrink themselves. Hubert also constructs a pocket submarine out of a garden hose, which enables them to dive into the water pipes und thus experience unbelievable adventures.
In the end the kids will fight a criminal who wants to steal all the water of the city.

It’s not easy these days to get children to read or leaf through books due to stiff competition from computers, mobile phones and iPads. However, the book H2O and the Secret Water Mission has been conceived in such a modern way that it might just succeed. Moreover, it has been brilliantly executed in terms of the graphic design and typography.
Viliam Buchert, Reflex

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