Marek Toman in Leipzig, Germany

7. 3. 2020

Despite the cancellation of the Leipzig book fair, the author will be presenting the German version of his YA novel My Golem in Leipzig on 14 March.

In this exceptional book, Marek Toman tells the story of Rabbi Löw and his Golem in a surprising way, portraying the famous Prague legend from the perspective of a 15-year-old Jewish boy. Jacob, a disciple of the Rabbi, is torn between his feelings for two girls – the Christian Johanna and the Jewish Lea. The tension between the followers of both religions is captured in an unusual love story.

The German translation has been published by the Austrian bahoe books in 2019.

Sylva Fischerová in Augsburg and Munich, Germany

23. 1. 2020

The author presents the German edition of her novella Europe is like a Thonet Chair, America is Right Angle in Augsburg on 29 January and in Munich on 30 January. A translated extract is offered on the homepage of the German publisher Balaena.

Sylva Fischerová’s book pretends to be a travelogue, but in fact it is a unique narrative based on the alternation between prose and poetic rhythms.


Marek Toman in Dresden and Berlin, Germany

18. 1. 2020

The author presents the German edition of his historical novel The Big News about the Dreadful Murder of Šimon Abeles in Dresden on 21 January; this event is organized by Euroregion Elbe. An additional presentation will take place in the Berlin Czech Center on 22 January.

The Big News about the Dreadful Murder of Šimon Abeles tells the story of a Jewish criminal case from the 17th century Prague and is based on a true event.

Lucie Faulerová selected for European literary project

19. 12. 2019

Lucie Faulerová, author of the successful debut novel Dust Collectors, has been selected to take part in the European project CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists), which was recently set up to support a new generation of authors, translators and literary professionals.

Lucie Faulerová is one of three Czech young authors to take part in the international four year project. A sample of her work will be translated into eight European languages and presented on the CELA website.

Iva Pekárková in Guadalajara, Mexico

18. 12. 2019

Iva Pekárková presented the Spanish edition of her novel Gimme the Money (Dej mi ty prachy) from 1st to 3rd December at the book fair in Guadalajara, the second largest  international book fair in the world.



Petr Stančík in Munich, Germany

17. 12. 2019

Petr Stančík presented the German edition of his satirical action novel Pérák – the Superhero from Prague in Munich from December 11th to 13th.

Stančík’s novel Pérák is the first literary work dealing with the forgotten but now rediscovered superhero from the centre of Europe. The German edition, which was published by the Swiss Edition Clandestin in 2019, is enriched with numerous historical photographs of Prague and with colored pictures documenting the artistic representation of the Pérák legend since World War II.

See a sample of the German book here.