Rave reviews in the UK for “My Brother the Messiah”—a dystopia by Martin Vopěnka

4. 3. 2021

Martin Vopěnka‘s novel My Brother the Messiah (Můj bratr Mesiáš) has been published in the UK to great critical acclaim. The Times credits the novel with “a gloomy, gripping, spiritual spell of its own”. According to The Lady magazine „Vopěnka created a thought provoking narrative exploring religion, politics and democracy“. The Eurolitnetwork sees in the book „a novel about the spiritual and secular nature of our collective and individual existence“. Last but not least The Jewish Review names Vopěnka a global voice and his prose compelling.

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My Brother the Messiah

Author’s website

History in Contemporary Czech Literature: Marek Toman in Munich, Germany

19. 11. 2020

The author took part in a panel discussion in November that was organized by the Adalbert Stifter Association in Munich. The discussion was conducted in German and took place without an audience. In a conversation about his novels Neptune’s Cave and The Praise of Opportunism, Marek Toman emphasized the close connection between history and the present, one of his favourite literary themes. The event is available on youtube under the name Mitteleuropäisches Erbe in der tschechischen Gegenwartsliteratur (Central European Heritage in Contemporary Czech Literature).

In love with Bhutan: Tereza Boučková’s first literary travelogue

18. 8. 2020

This work is a kind of late debut. The bestselling author, who fascinates readers with her relentlessly open autobiographical novels, has released her first travel book. With Bhutan, My Love (Bhútán, má láska), she has succeeded in writing a literary report about an adventurous journey in a country that sees little tourism. This richly illustrated book portrays the tiny kingdom in the Far East from a very personal point of view.

Prose and poetry by Sylva Fischerová

6. 8. 2020

One of the most prominent contemporary Czech poets, Sylva Fischerová, also devotes herself to writing prose. She has published two new books – a collection of short stories entitled Thousands of Plateaus (Tisíce plošin) and a bilingual collection of poems dedicated to Prague: A Church for Smokers. Prague Poems (Kostel pro kuřáky. Pražské básně ).

Lucie Faulerová has written her second novel

27. 7. 2020

After her successful debut Lapači prachu (Dust Collectors) the author has come out with her second book – Smrtholka (Deathmaiden). The plot of this novel revolves around a deep family tragedy and its impact on the psyche of a young woman. How can life go on, after one’s sister commits suicide? The author manages to lighten the weighty theme with subtle humor and a dose of irony. The book has been greeted with critical acclaim.

Surviving Civilisation: new travelogue by Martin Vopěnka

22. 5. 2020

The author and adventurer presents a summary of his life’s travels. On the pages of Martin Vopěnka’s latest book the reader visits places like Romania, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, the Philippines and Antarctica. The trips are far from being comfortable. Martin Vopěnka, a passionate traveller, always ventures into the wilderness, drawing the reader into the thrill of a unique adventure. The author’s sparse language gives the adventure itself room; the reader experiences surviving in the wild and shares the author’s respect for mountains, forests, rivers and animals.

A moving, dramatic, thought-provoking testimony, which is also a report on the state of the planet as well as human civilisation.

Marek Toman, Magdalena Rutová: Golden Ribbon for best children’s literature

12. 5. 2020

Marek Toman’s latest book The Amazing Adventures of Florentin Flowers, the Righteous Pirate in the Service of Madame L., which he created in collaboration with the illustrator Magdalena Rutová, has won a prestigious award, the Golden Ribbon, for best illustrations. The colorful pictures full of carefully worked details accompany a humorous story about survival on a pirate ship.

This swashbuckling novel for older children combines a sea adventure with a journey through the most famous works of world literature.

Lucie Faulerová: online presentation in Spanish

4. 5. 2020

The author will be presenting the Spanish edition of her literary debut Dust Collectors (Atrapadores de Polvo), published by Huso, Madrid, to Spanish readers via a Zoom video conference on 5 May at 7 p.m. The online meeting organised by the Czech Center in Spain will also be attended by the owner of the Huso publishing house, Mayda Bustamante, and the director of the Czech Center in Madrid, Stanislav Škoda.

The novel Dust Collectors (Lapači prachu), which quickly became a sensation in the Czech Republic, tells the story of a young woman’s disorganized life and the disturbing secrets of her family.

The presentation on Zoom can be joined using the following link:
ID: 736 6788 0723
Password: 0sNimB

Author photo: Ondřej Lipár

Marek Toman in Leipzig, Germany

7. 3. 2020

Despite the cancellation of the Leipzig book fair, the author will be presenting the German version of his YA novel My Golem in Leipzig on 14 March.

In this exceptional book, Marek Toman tells the story of Rabbi Löw and his Golem in a surprising way, portraying the famous Prague legend from the perspective of a 15-year-old Jewish boy. Jacob, a disciple of the Rabbi, is torn between his feelings for two girls – the Christian Johanna and the Jewish Lea. The tension between the followers of both religions is captured in an unusual love story.

The German translation has been published by the Austrian bahoe books in 2019.

Sylva Fischerová in Augsburg and Munich, Germany

23. 1. 2020

The author presents the German edition of her novella Europe is like a Thonet Chair, America is Right Angle in Augsburg on 29 January and in Munich on 30 January. A translated extract is offered on the homepage of the German publisher Balaena.

Sylva Fischerová’s book pretends to be a travelogue, but in fact it is a unique narrative based on the alternation between prose and poetic rhythms.