The Magpie in the Realm of Entropy

Physics fables from life

Original title: Straka v říši entropie. Fyzikální bajky ze života
Publisher: Petr Prchal publishing, 2010
ISBN: 78-80-87003-26-8
137 pages
Age: 12+, Children's Literature
Crossover Literature


  • The bestselling book received the renowned award Magnesia Litera Discovery of the Year in 2011.

Rights sold:

Polish, Hungarian, Latvian

A funny book of fables explaining the laws of physics to children and their parents.

In nine fables diverse animals puzzle over the riddles of existence and how the world works. Readers will find out why the hippopotamus floats on the surface of the water, why it is pointless to combat disorder and how to deal with a boozing badger. They also will read about the views of mice on quantum indeterminacy and how an alcoholic can blame a fall downstairs on curved space-time.

The book uses humour to explain classical laws of physics in a way that children will understand, but also touches on difficult concepts of modern physics geared more towards teenagers and adults. It is suitable for parents who read to their children but who also want something for themselves. It is also suitable for readers who have no interest in physics or are even afraid of it – they will enjoy the book as a comedy whose heroes discover philosophy along the path of science.

The author has devised an original and engaging way of conveying a lot of key scientific ideas in a comprehensible and enjoyable way. The science is embedded in a series of stories which will entertain as well as enlighten both young and old readers.
Professor Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal