The Fifth Dimension

Original title: Pátý rozměr
Publisher: Kniha Zlín, 2009
ISBN: 978-80-87162-44-6
290 pages
Modern Fiction

Rights sold:

UK, Polish

After the collapse of his successful business, the Czech entrepreneur Jakub decides to take part in a secret American research project. He is required to spend almost a year in absolute solitude, without knowing why. Therefore he leaves his wife and his children behind and finds himself in a deserted area of the Andes, somewhere between Chile and Argentina. Amidst the magnificent landscape his only companion is a book about astrophysics. The lonely hero has plenty of time to reflect on the universe, its origins, its meaning and its dimensions. If time is the fourth dimension, what could be the fifth one? Perhaps thought itself? As the hero is unexpectedly confronted with a crime, he can test his own newly developed theory. Will it change human history? Or will it be a secret forever, hidden in the mountains?

With this author, we have one rock-solid guarantee: he benefits from extremes. From the extremes of the wastelands, mountainous deserts or the Arctic, also from the wastelands of the human soul, those often unhealed dark rooms, where knowledge borders on the confusion of the spirit.
Jáchym Topol, Lidové noviny
The Fifth Dimension is a weighty and at times challenging read, its themes nothing less than life, death, the universe and love. It’s absorbing, haunting and intellectually engaging throughout, with a gut-punch dénouement.
James Lovegrove, Financial Times

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