Neskutečná dobrodružství Florentina Flowerse obálka

The Amazing Adventures of Florentin Flowers, the Righteous Pirate in the Service of Madame L.

Original title: Neskutečná dobrodružství Florentina Flowerse, poctivého piráta ve službách madam L.
Publisher: Baobab, Tabor, 2019
ISBN: 978-80-7515-101-8
Illustrations: Magdalena Rutová
128 pages
Children's Literature
Age: 9-12


  • Golden Ribbon for best illustrations

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Can the knowledge of famous literary works help you to survive through great peril? It can! This is the main message of the exciting and humorous pirate adventure novel for older children.

Florentin Flowers, a sheltered boy, has been kidnapped by the pirates. All of a sudden he finds himself at sea under the command of the cruel captain Bloody B.

But this horrible mariner has a soft spot: he loves good stories. And that is Florentin Flowers‘ chance. He has to retell all the famous books he knows; the captain is craving for Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, sonnets from William Shakespeare, even the Bible. In order to be equipped for rewriting and printing these and other books, the well educated Florentin gets all the treasure the pirates are able to steal.

This story, set in the Caribbean in the early 18th century, swirls with ease between pirate codes and classic literary works.

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