Northern Renaissance

About a German Who Moved with the Times

Original title: Za Alpami. O jednom Němci, který šel s dobou
Publisher: Větrné Mlýny, Brno, 2017
ISBN: 978-80-7443-247-7
370 pages
Modern Fiction

Why do contemporary Europeans, with all their achievements, feel so hopeless? This daring novel explores Central European consciousness, with little regard for etiquette or mores.

The author describes the fate of two generations of a family living in Germany and the Czech Republic. He uses this topic as a backdrop against which to examine the sociocultural relationship between the two countries and, more broadly, the current prevailing attitude towards life in Central Europe. In an irreverent and disturbing way he deals with the question of how far united Europe has come and what will happen next.

This is a masterful accomplishment in the “Realistic Fiction“ category. Zábranský’s storytelling is like a flytrap, it is so catchy. The majority of contemporary Czech writers despise the politics; yet in the ideologies and antagonisms of current politics, this author, has taken to it like a fish to water.
Petr Bílek, Literární noviny
Zábranský offers a range of provocative declarations which might outrage and irritate but make you pause. These declarations can crash ideological stereotypes but can also sound like a venomous spit.
Petra Smítalová, Lidové noviny

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