A Little Something – Romance in the Time of Genetics

Original title: Maličkost - Romance z času genetiky
Publisher: Publisher: Argo, Prague, 2015
ISBN: 978-80-257-1673-1
250 pages
Modern Fiction


  • Czech Book Prize in 2016.

Rights sold:

Polish, Hungarian

In the novel the author combines prose with scientific themes which shape and illustrate the story. The topic is biology. Hidden under the mask of black humour is an examination of human identity, a puzzle which is especially pertinent with new discoveries in genetics and the associated question of free will. Are we slaves to our genetic makeup? Are our thoughts influenced by parasites? Or does the society we grow up in have the greatest influence? The main character, Tomáš, a genetics student raised by adoptive parents, is searching for his own roots. Science forms his worldview, but this lens can distort his personal, especially romantic, relationships.

Baňková has written a very readable book, in which instead of the smell of the city after rainfall, we can smell the soil bacteria washed up by rainwater and floating all around us.
Štěpán Kučera, Právo

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Age: 12+, Children's Literature