Uzly_obalka vyfocena

Knots and Oranges

Original title: Uzly a pomeranče
Publisher: Euromedia, Prague, 2019
Albatros, Prague, 2011
223 pages
Age: 12+, Children's Literature


  • Golden Ribbon for best YA literature

Rights sold:

German, French
The film rights have been sold.

A highly readable, fast-paced coming-of-age book about courage and responsibility, but also about the miracle of first love. Horses play an important part in the story, which takes place on a farm in a mountain village in northern Moravia. 

The year Darek turns fourteen is a year of disaster for him. His mother dies and that turns his whole world upside down, along with that of his disabled little sister, Ema. Shortly afterwards, an economic crisis hits the region and Darek’s father loses his job. Will his dad be able to cope, stop drinking and prevent his children being placed in foster care? Amidst all these difficulties a tender teenage love develops. Darek is fascinated by Hanka, a girl with black eyes who smells wonderfully of oranges.

Hope is reborn the day Anton, an old and long-lost friend of Darek’s father, resurfaces and offers to turn their farm into a horse breeding business. Together with Hanka Darek looks after the animals with passion.
He discovers horse riding and dreams of races and trophies. But there seems to be something wrong with the horse farm. Step by step Darek discovers a dark and painful secret.

The story combines adventurous elements with a budding tender romantic relationship. It is the adolescent boy’s unwavering longing for acceptance, love, and the overcoming of cruelty, both to people and animals, that prevails.

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